PL Nails & Days Spa

Facial & Treatment Back


All natural herbs $60
Discover your skin potential as we focusing on cleansing, steaming and extracting in this facial massage topped off with an herbal masque and moisturizing. A special mask for acne treatment, this special mask will help control existing and occurring acne.
Another special mask will infuse the skin with our nourishing essential trace elements minerals, vitamins and amino acids. The results are immediate that bring out a youthful glow to the skin


1. 60 minutes for Aqua Polish $60
Using therapeutic benefits or marine elements including Dead Sea salts along with skin conditioning oils, our back treatment will provide you to feeling fresh and better.
2. 60 minutes for Caribbean Treatment with Hot Stone $70
Treatment begins with a dry exfoliation and is the followed by a warm seaweed body masque and wrap to smooth and detoxify your back. A light integrated foot, scalp and facial massage that completes this island-inspired experience. Treatment yourself to rejuvenate that beautiful body of yours.
3. 50 minutes for Back Renovation $50
Show off that smooth, sexy back of yours! Whether you need through extractions or just want a bare, smooth and silky back.
This is treatment for you!